Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Jam


family and friends who love me and tell me so;
you reading this post;
that the new town reservoir is full so we'll have water through the drought;
that I have exciting creative projects to work on, and more than one outfit in my closet!
 Most of all, I'm thankful that someone introduced me to the Good Person Test, and I learned the truth about myself and what to do about it.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Easy Giftwrap Idea: save your old calendars!

It's expensive to buy gift wrap of a quality sturdy enough to calmly endure the delivery route of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox from giver to needy child in a distant country such as Fiji or Vietnam.

However, Samaritan's Purse report that the children especially love the colourful gift wrap, so while I find the red and green "flying shoebox" pre-printed boxes cheery and convenient, this year I haunted the local shoe shop until I found enough stout boxes of the right size (no larger than A4 sheet of paper). It didn't cost me a cent. And, to my delight, neither did the gift wrap part.

Here's how.

I didn't even have to use my own calendars. An 80-year-old friend, shedding her house and most of her worldly goods in order to move in with her daughter's family, offered me several years' worth of New Zealand flora in glossy photographs. At the time, I thought, "Very pretty, but what'll I do with them?" Now I know.

I'm going to ask all my neighbours to save their old calendars. I bet the local Girls' Brigade, who do shoeboxes every year, could use those pretty pictures!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How I Stopped Hiding from Halloweeners

Maybe you hate what Halloween has done to October 31st and you don’t know how to handle it. My reaction until a few years ago was to hide in a dark corner, or keep my nose in a book and let my excited, big, black dog on my side of the door repel the weird, hideous, cute knockers on the other side of the door.
Whose reflection do you see?
This is an example of when the world forces itself upon me and my environment. I needed to find a way to obey the Great Commission within a circumstance I couldn't change. In this post I’ll share the solution I found which not only makes October 31st a worthwhile day but even has me anticipating and planning for it.


One shiny black shoebox with fittingly spidery writing on the lid
Wrapped lollies/sweets/candy
Fun, interesting, quality gospel tracts
Plastic zip-lock bags (big enough to fit my selected bootie – if the contents can be easily folded, I use smaller bags than shown here)
A loving, cheerful attitude

Black boxful of goodie bags ready to go

I've chosen to include a simple brochure that explains Halloween. In this case, it's the hellish-looking ‘what is Halloween’ history sheets which my father sourced from some time ago [at time of posting not available]. However, I view the gospel tracts as the important content of the gift. The rest is gift wrap.

The skeleton Million $ Note came in a mixed sample pack from (maybe the fellas at Ray of Light Witness can work on a ‘what is Halloween’ sheet for next year?), but you can choose from many image styles of the famous Million $ Note. You don't have to go the Gothic route if you don't want to.

Clockwise from top left: Halloween: a Celebration of Evil; The World's Best Optical Illusions; Are You a Good Person comic; The World's Ten Most Popular Things scratch card; NZ million $ note (skeleton version); I.Q. Test card.

I ordered the other gospel tracts from for use by our Bible study group. The ladies are delighted and relieved now that they’re prepared for visitors. Instead of feeling unhappy and helpless, we’re doing something about a situation we don’t like.

I realize this post may be too late for you to get organized in time for this year, but I hope you’ll be inspired to make up your own Halloween Gift Bundles for next year.

When beggars approach, don’t let yourself be angered by any aspect of demand or greed they may demonstrate. They have come to you hoping for sweetness. Use this opportunity to share with them true love and kindness, and pray that through the Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ they will receive more sweetness than they ever dreamed possible.

When they first encountered American Halloween, Kiwi evangelist Ray Comfort and his family used to react the same way I did! In the following episode of "On the Box", he explains what they do now instead of hiding from Halloweeners. He mentions it twice during the half hour program.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Misty Way Media

The Misty Way
So long we’ve measured pace.
I wonder, does he know
Of sin and death and grace,
And dying, where he’ll go?
Today my chance is here –
Tomorrow’s path unclear.
If I don’t speak I fear
That he may never know.
Copyright © 2002 by Narelle Worboys
23 Hunter St, Dannevirke 4930, New Zealand

I always thought evangelism was complicated. Until I encountered "The Way of the Master", an 8-week evangelism training course by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. I can't say enough about this exciting, stimulating, encouraging DVD series and TV program. It will revolutionize your spiritual walk.

If you don't want to be revolutionized, you should hear the story of the firefighter who sat in the fire truck testing a wonderful new stereo he'd bought as a gift for his fire chief, whilst a family of 4 burned to death in a 4th-storey apartment within sight of the fireman.

You can view this story on the first episode of the course and access loads of other training tools and evangelism aids at
The Way of the Master
Today your chance is here, tomorrow's path unclear. Please don't sit in your truck! Do something.


TOOLS TO HELP YOU DO. It seems no matter how many times I explore, I always find something new to view or listen to or download. 

Evangelism Resources

Some Way of the Master materials can be sourced in New Zealand from Ray of Light Witness have a range of original, classy tracts with stunning artwork, including the collectable Million $ Note style and All Black gospel tracts, such as these samples below.

Friday, 7 October 2011

2011 shoebox info spot

If you're filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child and you live in the Tararua, here's what you need to know.
  1. Download an instruction pamphlet from this website or grab one from one of the distribution points listed below.
  2. Follow the instructions for filling and decorating your shoebox, not forgetting the NZ$9 donation to ship your box to a child in need.
  3. Drop off your shoebox to one of the following collection points. The deadline is October 25. If you miss that, your box will be included with next year's distribution.
The Hub (Dannevirke Christian Fellowship)
23 Gordon St
06 374 6209

Tararua Television
7 Regent Street
06 376 6605

Where ever you are in the world, you can fill a shoebox and be a part of Operation Christmas Child. To find your regional headquarters, Google "Operation Christmas Child" followed by your country.
For more information, subscribe to OCC on Facebook, or explore the website for free resources and terrific videos and news stories of children whose lives have been transformed by the simple power of a gift.

Have fun!

Friday, 30 September 2011

180: Don't miss this extraordinary film!

Announcing a new award-winning film in which eight people who are adamantly pro-abortion change their minds and become pro-life in a matter of seconds...because they were asked one question.

What was the question? Find out now. Watch the 33 minute documentary online for free!

New Release, out this week!
Award-Winning Documentary - "Shocking!"
33 minutes that will rock your world!
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